Sunday, April 17

Oh, for the love of paper!




If I learned one thing at Paper Source, it was how to love paper.
I've got a growing collection and I'm so proud of my two ladders.

Here are  my newest additions:

(from top to bottom)

I found the first piece at Moxie
I want to frame a portion of it and add a large monogram...
I'll show you when I'm done!

The birds and bottom three were discovered in the sweetest place this weekend.
Oblation is a letterpress print shop in Portland.
Oh my word, it was so fascinating!
The papers I found there will eventually be used for stationary. 
Maybe even a journal cover or two.
But for now, I don't have the heart to cut up their pretty little patterns!

The third and fourth sheet are from Paper Source.
I've had my eye on them for months but waited until my last week to bring them home.
Again, I'll use them for stationary and book binding.

Yay! My heart is happy and inspired.

Do any of you have a collection of any certain thing?
Frames, coins, books, photos?

Coming up in the next few days I'll show you what Kristie and I did on our last day in PTL.
And how everything went at Fabric Depot!!

Oh, and sorry for the delay on Friday Favorites!
I'll make up for it on Wednesday!


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  1. i'm excited to see what kind of crafty things you make with your new paper! and also getting geared up for the big inventory--it will feel so good to do that! xoxo


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