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   Hi! My name is Joy and I'm so glad you're here! This blog was created in 2010 as a creative outlet for my writer's itch. I've come and gone for periods of time but, since having my son in August 2012, I've had a lot more to write about. These days I find myself writing about raising a boy in the city, being a wife to my Brasilian, creating a home that fits us, and learning to love Jesus bigger and better. If you'd like to know more, read on!! 
   Camillo and I met in 2006 when he traveled to America as an exchange student from Brasil. To be more specific, we met the day my parents, his host family, picked him up from the airport! That’s right, my family was Camillo’s host family. More on that another time. But I promise, it’s not as scandalous as it might sound :) 
photo courtesy of Studio Elise

   Since we got married in 2008, we’ve lived in 3 cities, 5 apartments, and watched 10 seasons of Friends, in their entirety, 3 times. Yeah, we like watching old TV shows, new movies, trying new food (in our kitchen or a restaurant), going to the gym, and taking Sunday afternoon naps together. We’re both kind of homebodies ... 
   Currently, Camillo is attending Seattle Pacific University and is scheduled to graduate with his BS in Physiology and Chemistry this Fall. Then, it’s off to Med School! Smarty pants! If one of us has to go through Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, or Neurobiology, I’m sure glad it’s him, not me. Sheesh!! 
   Applying to Med School means we don’t know what part of the country we’ll be living in this time next year. It’s a pretty crazy thing to think about, let me tell ya! I usually enjoy change, though, so as long as it’s the 3 of us together, I’m excited to see where God takes us. (Somewhere pretty with all four seasons would be really nice, Lord...) *wink*
   So, Camillo wants to be a doctor. I've been a babysitter, daycare provider, customer service associate, hair stylist, receptionist, wedding photographer, and nanny. Gee, that's a lot of different things! I've never been very career driven because there's only been one thing I have always wanted to be when I grew up: a mommy. 
   Oliver made my dream come true when he was born on August 15, 2012. Since then, I've been a stay at home mommy, watching him learn and grow. It's such a blessing to me that I can be with him so much, and that Camillo is so supportive of me not going back to work! There have definitely been sacrifices we've had to make in order for me to stay home, but it's totally worth it. This is what I've always wanted! 
   Our day to day is never the same. You can be sure, though, that each day involves stories, snacks, snuggles, chases, and adventures. We love going to parks, on walks, and are looking forward to our first year at the pumpkin patch! Oliver is a very sweet boy who is finding his voice and letting us know about it. He climbs onto everything and has bruises to prove it. He's our favorite guy. I love being his mama and watching Camillo as his daddy. We're a happy family. The Three Happy Candidos!! 
   Thanks for stopping by our little space here. I hope you stay a bit, look around, and find something inspiring, encouraging, and/or fun to read. If you'd like, leave a comment to say hello! 


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The black and white photo in my header was taken by my sweet friend, Nichole of Nichole Jordan Photography. The happy family photo in my sidebar was taken by another great photographer friend, Kelsey of Sweet Peeks Photography. All other photos on this blog are mine unless otherwise noted. Please don't use any without my permission. Thank you! 

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