Wednesday, February 16

day two...


it is windy here!
yesterday we took the bart to oakland.
we got off at city center but that might have been our first mistake.
we kind of didn't have any idea where we were and how to get where we needed to be.
if that ever happens to you, just call a taxi.

after walking through the park and circling a couple blocks a few times (all while camillo snapped some photos), we haled a cab and hopped in for a ride to fentons.
we found this place online and i guess it was featured in pixar's {up!}.
now i'm going to have to watch that movie again!
they served a decent burger and fries.
but we really went for the ice cream.


man, oh man.
what you see here is a massive pile of ice cream topping a large choco chip cookie and splattered with marshmallow cream and hot fudge.
yeah, we only finished about 2/3 of that bad boy.


fast forward 10 minutes...
we're walking down the street towards the bart and camillo is talking 90 miles a minute.
i'm not even sure about what.
he then stops dead in his tracks and, with a goofy glazed look about him, says
'woah, huge sugar rush'.
 'at a boy.


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