Friday, February 25

just checking in...


today is extreme home packing day.
i woke up realizing that we're moving.
like, in 3 days.
okay, well, it's not like i didn't know we were moving.
I've been talking about it for weeks, right?
yeah, but it didn't hit me until today.

so i freaked out and had to get organized.
i made this list and hung it where everyone can see what needs to be done.


i get stressed out that my house is a disaster.
it takes some mental pep talking before i realize it's okay.
Because the cupboards and closets are empty.
And the packed boxes that we have to weave around are actually a good thing.
And since i've been collecting boxes for the last six months,
we will not run out like last time.
See what I mean?
Pep talk.

Perfect timing for Miss Rachel to leave a list of tips for me.
How did she know?!

Okay, Ellen is over, which means off the couch and back to the boxes.


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