Monday, February 14


we made it.
safe and sound.
by 8am we landed in san fran.
it's dark. raining. and windy.
we're having a blast.


after taking care of business at the consulate, we found a starbucks
and popped in for a cuppa.
wait, did i even tell you guys why we had to come here?
geez, it came up so fast, i barely knew what was happening...
anyways, camillo has to renew his passport and enlist in the brasilian army.
as scary as that sounds, he's not going to the army.
don't worry.
just something he's got to do in order to get the documents he needs.
until he's a US citizen. 

okay, well, that's why we're here.
and until we can check into our hotel and drop our things off, we're footin' it around downtown with the equivalent of a small child's weight worth of bags.
it's a funny sight but we're really enjoying ourselves.

i may or may not be back with some more photos tonight.
hopefully you won't hold it against me if all my attention is on the hubs for the next few days.


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