Thursday, March 10

Good Morning!

Guess what I got to do last night?


That's right, I baked some cupcakes!!
You might not think cupcakes are a big deal but let. me. tell. you.
Said cupcakes were mixed with an electric mixer - in our kitchen - at 7:30 PM.
Please understand that 9 days ago, anything (I mean anything) we did after 7pm resulted in our grumpy 20 something downstairs neighbor pounding on the ceiling.
OR, coming up to knock on the door and asking 'politely' if we would be turning in soon.
At 7 o'clock.

Woah, I get stressed out just telling you about it...

Well, okay, anyways - the cupcakes were delish and let's just say I'm glad Josiah and my daddyo came over today to help us eat a couple - and take the rest home.
Phew, that was a close one!

Do you guys like to bake?
What's your favorite treat?


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