Wednesday, May 11

{collapse on couch}

Oh. My. Word.
This girl is frazzled!
Thanks for being patient with me while my family is pulling things back together.
We can definitely feel all your prayers so thanks for that, too.
A lot going on, let me tell you, and online has been the last place I could be.
I'll fill you in soon but I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet, kay?

I will at least let you know I just got back from Brasil with Camillo.
Last second kind of trip.
After a 12 hour flight, 6 hour layover, another 2 1/2 hour flight, a 1 1/2 hour bus ride, 2 hour house cleaning rush, haircut for hubby, and grocery trip (all before 2:30p) I let myself fall into the couch and do nothing but scroll through my favorite blogs and watch TV.
I've watched an episode of (shh, it's a secret) Khloe and Lamar, two episodes of Bethanny, and I'm now watching The Voice for the first time ever.
Another secret?
I'm crying like a little girl.

Something gets to me when I hear a pretty voice.
And watching people with a dream like mine put everything they've got on the line.
Man, excuse me while I grab another box of tissue.

The next few days will be a bit sporadic when it comes to posting.
I'm going back to my mama's house tomorrow to spend a little time with her.
She's finally home, yippee!
Bear with me a few more days..


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