Sunday, May 29

Not So Computer Savvy

I'm a little apprehensive as I start this post!
I spent hours Friday trying to figure out what was going on with my Blogger account.
After trying for 3 days to write a couple posts,
only to get kicked out of Blogger before it saved,
I had to back away from the computer and hope it fixed itself.
Hopefully it far so good.
Still not sure what was happening.
Even after doing everything the help page suggested, it wasn't anything I did that ended up fixing the problem...
Have you fellow BlogSpotters ever had that sort of trouble?
Getting kicked off and then not able to sign back in??
Hope it doesn't happen anymore!

Aaaanyways, despite the tech trouble, we've had a great couple days.
It's been nice and sunny outside - yay!
I've got a lot of photos to work on.
Mostly for my Grandpa's memorial service.
It will be bittersweet as I'm sure I've find more lovely photos only to be reminded I can't hug and kiss my sweet little Gramps.

I've got a few days worth of posts to write so stay tuned, there's some fun stuff coming!

Any plans for your 3 day weekend?
Hopefully whatever you do is full of fun, friends, and fam!


ps. woot woot! I got through a post without losing it all!!
Thanks, Blogger!

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