Monday, July 25

First Day New Week

Oh my goodness, where has the weekend gone?
It's already Monday night and while I had a GREAT sunny weekend,
I can't believe the week has started!

What did you guys do with your weekend?
It was soo warm and sunny here!
Saturday I babysat 8 kids for three hours (it was so fun!) and then shot a wedding that evening.
The ceremony was at a family lake house.
At sunset.
Can't wait to show you the photos of that one!

And (if you've been keeping track) yes, I'm in the post-production process of four weddings!
That's probably not much for a seasoned veteran in the photog biz but for this girl, it's crazy awesome!
I'm having the time of my life, lemme tell ya.

Oh, guess what I got to enjoy today?
A thunder and lightening storm!!
I love big storms so much.
That means I also took a cozy little nap.
30 minutes was all I needed and it was splendid!

Anyways, I had big plans for today's post but like I said, I barely realized the weekend was already over.
I'll show you something cool in the next few days!

Happy last week of July, friends!
Yeah, I said it.
Can you believe it?!


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