Monday, October 31

October 31st Already?!

Happy Halloween!
So, did ya dress up?
We didn't.
Boo hoo.
But Camillo thinks we shoulda been a bank teller and bank robber.
Wouldn't that be cute?

Anyways, this week has flown by.
Wait, no, I mean this whole month!! 
In the next two weeks I'm planning/throwing a baby shower, shooting a wedding, finishing a family shoot, creating some awesome decor for church during Christmas, aaaaand working at the gym twice as many hours.
That's right.
I got a mini promotion at work.
It kinda freaked me out at first because it came as a surprise.
But this week has been great and I really enjoy the added responsibilities.
Makes me feel like a grown up.

Oh, guess what I did this weekend?
oh la la!
I'll show you tomorrow!!


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