Friday, October 14

Old Baggage

Over the last year or so I've discovered a new love affair with vintage luggage.
(get it..old baggage?)
It seems as though I'm not the only one!
This week I read how to revamp tired luggage with pretty fabric - a DIY by Rachel
And was then inspired by Savannah's collaboration of repurposed ideas.
Can you see why I love it?
Here's what I did right away:
I've had these pretty pieces in our living room since we moved in.
They have our extra blankets and pillows in them!
I loved the idea of using stool legs to lift them off the floor...
Hmmm..I think I like it!
I'll leave it for a few days and, knowing me, might tweak it a little bit.
What do you think?
Do have something you like to collect?
I'm glad my collection can double as cute storage!

Oh, you see that muddy little piggy on the bottom shelf?
I painted that for Camillo for our first Valentine's Day!

Happy Weekend!!

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