Thursday, November 3

Bangs, Boots, and Ombre

I dunno, whatdya think?
I colored my own hair and tried to go for the ombre feel.
Maybe I could have darker at the top?
Either way, I like it.
And it's nice to have my bangs back.
They add style even if I don't do anything more than a quick blow dry.

And those boots?
$24 and Goodwill.
Thank you, Thank you. Yes, Thank you.
I'd been looking for months  and was determined to hold out for the perfect pair.
Good things come to those who wait and I love my new boots!!

And aren't those leaves loooovely?!
It's November!!


  1. Dear Joy,
    You're gorgeous!!
    P.S. i think you meant "Voila!".... not "Viola!". :)
    P.S.S. sweet boots!


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