Monday, April 16

This baby bump and 'the long asnwer'


Thanks for all of your congrats via comments here or on Facebook. Camillo and I are so so excited and it's fun that everyone knows now. We kept the news quiet for a while so we could cherish it. Like our own little secret surprise. I've seen lots of FB posts lately with photos of positive tests, gender announcements, and name choices. It all kinda makes me cringe. And not in a judgmental way, I'm just way more personal than to be showing everyone my pee stick. So if you're waiting for daily updates from me, you might be disappointed! I do, however, want to keep my first 40 weeks as a mama documented for the future. So, aside from my daily journaling, I'll be here with weekly(ish) growing photos and mini updates. Even if just for me, baby, and baby daddy. 


The last few weeks have gone by super fast and I am grateful! I can't wait to meet this baby! My tummy is getting bigger by the day and I'm actually glad because now there's no "is that girl pregnant? Or just...?" People are asking how I'm feeling every day and, in order to keep things simple, my short answer is usually something like "Right now I'm feeling ___" Insert awesome, great, good, okay, nauseous, tired, achy, dizzy, etc. On any given day the long answer could be "Push out your stomach as far as you can...further...until it hurts. Yeah, right there. Ouch, right?" Or "Baby has been moving so much today and it's the most amazing feeling ever - I'm so happy!" Or "I'm sleeping with my eyes open as we speak." Or "I've had tons of energy today and gotten so much done around the house, hooray!" 

Thankfully I've had a great 23 weeks so far. Nothing too drastic in the way of nausea. I'm enjoying pregnancy and making it a point to be positive even on rough days. Camillo and I are journaling love letters to baby so we can remember all that we're feeling during this beautiful season. Someday baby will be able to read it and see how much we've loved him from the very beginning. I'm already trying to take way more photos throughout our days so that baby can someday see who we were and what we were like when he was growing. Inside scoop? I'm already planning our newborn photo shoot :) 

Thanks again for all the sweet comments and congratulations. Only 4 more months until we'll get to introduce this little bundle!! 


All of this week's photos by my brother Jordan. See his Flickr feed here.

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  1. I love this!! I totally agree with you about staying a bit more private, and treasuring it all in your heart! I am so excited for you guys and love you dearly!!


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