Monday, November 5

A Birthday Weekend

My mom's birthday weekend began at the Crab Pot in Seattle. We had salmon and ahi, veggies, and hard ciders. We were out on the covered patio and watched the ferries coming and going as we ate. After our meal, our waiter brought complimentary cheesecake to celebrate! you see a cute little crab in that pot??
After lunch we went to the Columbia Tower to enjoy a cozy warm beverage and the view!
The night didn't end there! After a day in the city we got dressed up and went to Wicked! It was a great show, super fun! Ollie was home with daddy and did really well. He went to sleep at 9:45 and slept through the night until 7am!! Hmm..How did Camillo do it...??
At the last minute on Saturday, I decided to drive down to Shelton to see Isaac before he left. He's hittin' the road for a couple weeks of adventure before he parks it in Utah for the winter. He got a job at a ski resort!! 
Camillo had to work so Jordan and I took Ollie for the ride. It was a quick, less than 24 hour trip but we managed to squeeze breakfast in with my daddyo on Sunday. Somehow, I got through breakfast with only this photo...
 It's always so great to spend time with my parents and brothers. It was a whirlwind 3 days but it was perfect! Thanks to my aunts for a couple of these photos, we had a blast didn't we?!

Today I'm thankful
For an overcast day that makes it easy to be cozy and relax
For my little brothers who are also some of my favorite friends


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