Thursday, March 21

Happy 2nd Day of Spring

Spring is here, Spring is here!! On its first day we were greeted with torrential downpour. Once the rain subsided, the wind blew in and held us hostage in the comforts of our snuggly home. I love those kinds of days!

Thankfully, we took a family walk the day before the rain came. It was cold but sunny and we made many quick stops to touch the leaves and rocks and flowers and trees. Oliver is so curious and watching him explore is so much fun.
Camillo has been on Spring break this week and we've had a fun few days with Daddy not having to study all the time! Having a full time student in the family is hard on all of us sometimes. I'm just grateful I'm not the one having to study organic chemistry and parasites!! We both knew before we got married that there would have to be many sacrifices made in the name of Camillo's education. He and I have learned a lot about ourselves, each other, and what it means to fully rely on God for grace, patience, humility, and finances...just to name a few! The road isn't always easy but it's a beautiful journey. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
We're a happy family and we're definitely happy that spring is here! 

Did you do anything special this week to welcome spring? 


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