Friday, March 1

Wishi Washi

My first roll of washi tape happened on accident. I found it in the bottom of a dusty basket in the clearance corner at Anthropology and thought it was pretty enough to be worth the few pennies they were asking for it. From there, a love affair began.

There is so much you can create with washi tape. I could scroll though colors and patterns online for a very long time..But since that clearance roll, I'd never bought any of the gorgeous stuff because I couldn't justify spending up to 6 dollars on pretty tape. Also, Camillo would kill me.

Enter: Downtown Tape
I found this site through Pinterest (of course) and was shocked to find these little pretties for only $1.99 a roll! I ordered a couple patterns - not so many that I'd be disappointed if they weren't that great, but enough to make it fun. Plus, it's flat rate shipping (only $2.95!) so I figured what the heck.

Well, I'm really happy with my order. I can't wait to start crafting with my new colors and patterns! I'm glad I took a chance, I'll definitely be ordering from Downtown Tape again!

Have you had the chance to experiment with washi tape? What sort of things have you made? Maybe some of you think I'm a little nutty to be so happy about tape..But, dude. It's cool stuff. Also, I might be a little nutty.


sidenote: This was not a sponsored post! Just an honest opinion about a new company I'm so glad I found :)

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