Wednesday, June 5

I Totally Ran 7 Miles. But You're Just Going To Have To Take My Word For It!

On the first day of June, my mom and I set out for the annual 7 mile run in Shelton. I hadn't run this far since being pregnant and I was pretty nervous about it! I figured if my 49 1/2 year old mom could do it, I better put my big girl panties on and hit the road with her. 
What a difference it makes, running through gorgeous farmland instead of through traffic lights and busy streets! Oh my, it was sooo lovely. There was even a herd of cows standing along the road, watching and cheering us on as we ran by. Ha!
 At the 4 mile marker, I felt great. My mom was doing awesome, too. 10 paces past the 4 mile marker, my body realized it hadn't run farther than that in over a year. Oi ve! We kept chanting what we knew my brother Isaac would have been telling us: "It's all in your head, just keep running. Don't be a wuss!" Thanks, Isaac, that did the trick! I caught my second wind and finished in 1:20! Yaahooo!
Funny story: Since Ollie woke up the minute I was supposed to be out the door, I decided I should nurse him before I left - ya know, just real quick! Well, that resulted in rushing straight past the registration table and right into the bus that would take us to the starting line. We literally got there 2 minutes before the race started. Talk about down to the wire! Anyways, I didn't register. So I didn't have a race number. So when I ran across the finish line, I just gave them my name. So this was taped up on the board of results for everyone to see! Geez. Thank you. 
 I swear, I ran the race! True, there is no concrete evidence in these photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it. But I really did have a great time. It was such a beautiful run, and I'm so proud of myself. And my mama! It's amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it.

Are you a runner? What's the farthest you've run?


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