Wednesday, July 10

Marina Beach

Last week we took Ollie to Marina Beach in Edmonds. Camillo is doing a research project with starfish and has to go back and forth to retrieve and return them. It's a fun little trip to take and Ollie loves it. So does the mommy. We went back again yesterday and I remembered I hadn't posted these photos from the first trip! 
Would you just look at that sweet face? His hat is a little too big so it seems to slide over to the side. That paired with his fluorescent pink shorts and we've got ourselves an 80s kid. Also, the tank I wore over my dress had covered those bad girls before we left the house. Not sure what happened with that. Sorry. 
Of course the babe had to smell the bushes flowers but once he noticed daddy and those noisy waves, he made a bee line for the ocean. And then...
He found the sand. I didn't know how he'd react to it. He's a pretty brave kid so I didn't think he'd be scared. But he doesn't like grass on his skin so his reaction really could have gone either way. He went with 'not scared' and just downed a fist full immediately. No better way to get acquainted, he thought.
We played in the water for a little while, got our toes wet. I think, if we'd let go of his hands, he would have jumped right in - he really loves water. But he can't swim so we didn't let him. ha! After splashing for a bit, we ate a quick picnic lunch and then packed up. I really appreciated that there was a washing station right near the beach. We were able to rinse off and only brought a minimal amount of sand home with us. 
Today was a gorgeous day and I'm super grateful for the time we got to spend together as a family. I lovelovelove when we get to try new things together, the three of us. Having a rambunctious boy around has made me more ambitious to get out of the house. Camillo and I are usually kind of homebodies but he makes us feel more adventurous. Thanks, buddy. Love you! 

Do you have a favorite spot to go on a hot day? Tell us about it! 


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