Monday, August 12

Hello, Monday

   Hey guys. Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? We sure did. It started Friday with a visit from my bothers, Jordan and Leo! I hadn't seen Leo for 3 years so it was nice to give him a big hug. It's always nice to see Jordan, too. Ha! Saturday morning I was able to spend some time with Kristie while Camillo stayed home with Ollie. It's not very often I can sneak away from the little one. Mama needs some girl time every now and then, though, and I'm thankful for friends who are inspiring and refreshing! Sunday we heard a great sermon and then came home for a nap. That afternoon I got to go see Shelby and Paigey! I'd been looking forward to spending the afternoon with Paigey while Shelby was with her friends (it was her birthday party day!) but guess who slept the whole time I was there!!? So much for walking to the park or playing at the water table. Silly Paigey :) Next time we'll play!
   This week I'm looking forward to trying a few new recipes (which of course I'll share), planning Ollie's first birthday (balloons and pancakes and wading pools!), working on my 'about' page, and seeing a few friends.  What's on your agenda for the week? Hope it's a good one!

ps. Ollie has watched this video of himself like 5 times this afternoon. As soon as it comes on he starts jibber-jabbering and runs to the computer with a big, goofy grin on his face. That boy!!

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