Sunday, September 29

31 Days

Do you guys know the Nester? Please, for the love of Pete, go spend 5 minutes on her blog. You will fall in love with her, her new home, and her philosophy that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Then come back here, I have something to tell you. Go on..I'll wait.

Wasn't that great? I've read from the Nesting Place for a couple years now. It's helped me find the beauty in my rental, and inspired to me to love where I live.

Anyways, for the last five years, the Nester has hosted a 31 Day Series. It's a challenge to write on one topic everyday for 31 days in October. Last year there were over 1,200 bloggers who participated! Look at all these topics! This is the year I'm finally joining. I think I know what my topic is, but I'm going to wait to tell you until tomorrow. Wanna follow along? Come back in the Tuesday morning and we'll get started!


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