Wednesday, October 2

Where I'm Cookin'

this post is part of my 31 Day series. here is the beginning.

I thought since we'll be spending so much time together in my kitchen this month, maybe I should show you around! There are a few things that I love about my kitchen and a couple things that I'm learning not to hate to like. I love that my kitchen is galley style. Having both ends open [almost] makes up for the fact that it's so tiny. To the right of that little doorway is a pantry. It's great to have so much storage! 
One of my favorite parts of our kitchen is the dish rack I jimmied up there. Isn't that cool? I got the idea from Camillo's sister's house. Hers was built in but I knew I could come up with something for that little nook. I literally just used a cupboard organizer thinga-majig, some eyelet screws, and a few S hooks. It's so perfect for washing dishes and then letting them drip dry into the sink. Lord knows there's no room for a dish rack on the counter!

We've been in this kitchen for almost 2 1/2 years and I've moved things around quite a bit. There are a few things that drive me crazy but I'm thankful for this little space where I can bake cookies with my tiny helper, or try new recipes for dinner.
So that's that. Nothing glamorous but I just wanted to share with you where I'm at while I cook for you this month. And show that you don't have to have all the fancy kitchen gizmos to make great tasting food for your family!

Tell us, what is your favorite part of your kitchen?



  1. I can't wait to see the goodies you'll be cooking!

  2. I have a galley kitchen too and do lots of cooking there! I figure if my Aunt can feed her farmer husband and all the hands in a galley kitchen that is smaller than mine (and yours!) than I can certainly cook for my family in this kitchen.


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