Saturday, February 5

DIY - fancy plates

This project is so fun and easy!
And inexpensive!

All you need is:
a plate
candle stick
gorilla glue (or some other really strong adhesive)
wet cloth


i get my pieces from goodwill!
this plate was about $2 and the candle stick was less.

test pieces to make sure the base is wide enough to support your platter piece.
you don't want something tall and skinny trying to hold a large, lopsided bowl.
get it?

if you're using gorilla glue, directions call for a damp surface.
a damp cloth works perfect.
when using any other adhesive, follow those directions accordingly.

apply a thin layer of glue to one of the surfaces.
sometimes, the rim on which you apply the glue is very narrow.
in this case, i have a large enough base to use a q-tip to spread it out, like so.



now center your candle stick to the back side of your plate.
usually i hold it there for a second to make sure it doesn't slip around.


if you can, carefully balance a book or other heavy object to keep your pieces firmly together.
i've used a bowl of dry rice before when my candle stick was too narrow to hold a whole book :)
let sit over night while glue dries and in the morning you'll have a fancy new serving dish!
and since i made my project today, too, you'll have to wait until morning to see my finished prize!
next time you're at goodwill, wander through the dish section.
you can find really really pretty plates, bowls, and all sorts of other things to create.
if you try this project, i'd love to see what you make!

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