Saturday, February 19

oh, did i tell you?

we found a new place to live!
man, as excited as i am for change, the thoughts of packing and 
moving are a bit daunting.
can't i just leave all this stuff behind and buy new furniture/clothes/dishes?
i've made a list of things i'm thankful for to keep me pumped about 
everything going on:

there are {two} bedrooms (!!!!!)
it's sooo close to church/friends/school
the kitchen is so cute
pink tiles cover the whole bathroom floor
we'll be able to dance our socks off (no crazies downstairs)
we'll finally be in Seattle
moving again will help me purge our house of un-necessities 
camillo and i will both fit in the bathroom at once 
(no more fighting over the sink in the mornings!)
our landlord seems really nice
it's almost spring


i'm sure you can guess what my weekend plans are...
pack pack pack
but first i had to relax after work for a minute and take a peak at 
my favorite bloggeristas..

what are you guys doing?


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