Sunday, February 20

remember when...


meet josiah.
he's got big dreams about forts by the creek, home made water wheels,
home grown grains and vegetables.
all to support the restaurant he wants to start in order to feed people
that are driving home from work/school.
it takes me back to when i was younger and my dad helped us build a tree house.
i think their were restaurant schemes back then, too...

anyways, when josiah came to visit us the other day, we got crafty.
i didn't even have to bribe him!


we decided to make a little owl.
he was very diligent about cutting just perfectly around the shape i drew for him.
very cute and focused.
here's how far we got before they had to head home.


i sent him on his way with some wings, 'feet', and filling.
i've asked him a few times how the finishing of this project is going.
he gets very apologetic and explains he hasn't had time.
mostly because he's been making sleeping bag army pants.
you know, army pants with sleeping bags inside them so you don't need anything
extra to keep you warm if you're sleeping in the woods.


on the agenda today:
baby shower

forgive me if it's a bit quiet around here this week.
i've got 9 days.
let the count down begin...


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