Saturday, April 2

A Little Familiar...

Okay, so...Camillo giggles a little bit every time we watch this.
And we watch it a good 3 times a week.
And by 'giggles' I mean, laughs uncontrollably.
Every time.
He says this chick looks exactly like me dancing.
I agree.
But can I just say that this is my 'funny dance'.
I wouldn't reeeeaally dance like this if anybody was looking.
Come on, I can't take myself too seriously...

Happy Weekend!
Whatchya guys gonna do?
I'm workin'.
Boo Hoo.

Monday Camillo is off - and so am I!
We might have a surprise for you...
No, we're not having a baby.
Just wait and see.


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  1. This is hilarious! :) SO sharing this on FB thanks me and my fiance cracked up laughing too!


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