Friday, April 8

{new feature} Friday Favorites: Blog Posts

Happy Friday!
As a weekend fiesta, I thought it'd be fun to start a new feature:

{Friday Favorites}

Each Friday I'll compile a collection of things I've fallen in love with throughout the week.
It could be photos, products, Etsy finds, etc.

Today is a Blog Post edition!

Elsie wrote about balancing work and life

Rachel gave us a little tour of her newest home. 

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

Gussy shared Anna's story with us about her crafty home business

Here are some great tips for yard-saling from The Nester.

And an awesome cabinet and bookshelf makeover featured on Design Sponge.

Check out these great posts and maybe take a second to explore a little!
I've found a lot of encouragement and inspiration from these ladies and 
I bet you will, too.

Any weekend plans?
Again, I'll be working.
But tomorrow I have a pretty little photo shoot to share with you so
see you then!


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