Monday, June 20

3 Things I Didn't Know Yesterday

1. Washington State does not collect personal income tax
It's kind of a long story but I thought I was in big trouble.
But I'm not.
And I'm really really grateful.

2. Two year old paint is still usable

I googled it.
It was kind of on a whim and I had to do it right then.
Good thing I save old paint!

3. Bell peppers are waaay easier to slice when frozen

I'm a little bit bad at slicing and dicing so this trick is a lifesaver.
And a finger saver.

It's been a crazy productive day.
When Mondays roll around I feel amped to get things organized.
I've decided Monday is going to be my 'Admin Day' each week.
Catch up with paperwork, emails, bills, etc.
One day a week and the other 6 days are for fun work.

Happy Monday!

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