Monday, June 6

It's Monday

Did you guys have a good weekend?
Ours was filled with lots of family and sunshine.

Today I get to hang out with Josiah and my grandma.
It's fun having a cute little grandma on our couch :]
I just wanted to pop in really quick to say hello before we go spend time in the craft room together.
Josiah has a thank you card to make and maybe me Grams and I can play around 
on the sewing machine.

I'm thankful for a new week.
Mondays aren't so bad in my opinion.
Maybe even my favorite...

What about you?
What do you think about most Mondays?
What's your favorite day of the week?



  1. i honestly LOVE mondays! Ha I just posted on it yesterday It helps set the tone for the week, is the day people usually being love love it!

  2. OMG, The photos are sooooooooooooo gorgeous:oo


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