Wednesday, June 15

We're sneaking in...

There's a special showing of the extended version of Lord Of The Rings tonight.
I know, I know.
Try not to be jealous.
Well, I should say that if anybody wants my ticket...they can have it!
I'm going because Camillo loves the series and I'm trying to be a good wifey.
Oh the things ;]

Since the movie starts at 7 and Camillo won't be home until 6:15, 
and since the movie theatre food is very expensive and unimaginative (or maybe overly so)
I'm packing a dinner.

Chinese take out,
and yogurt to even out the unhealthiness.

Wow, talking about it makes it sound disgusting.
But I did make a big, healthy lunch for Camillo's break between class and work!

Aaaanyways, all of this food fits into my humungous purse/suitcase and we're heading to the show!
I calculated that we're probably saving a good 25 bucks.
And rice and chicken is healthier that pizza and corn dog nuggets...right?

Let's hear it, do you guys smuggle food into the theatre or do you think I'm an awful person?
Be honest.
It's fine.

I'll let you know how the movie goes!
Maybe I should have had a cup of coffee to keep me awake.......



  1. I usually sneak in a soda, popcorn and various other snack like items, so don't feel to bad.


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