Wednesday, July 27

Christmas In July

I went to Goodwill yesterday.
Ya know, to drop some stuff off in the donation line.
Went inside for a minute.
Ya know, just to browse.

Found this little collection of things.
$140 snow pants (in the coolest color, right?) for $9.99!!
I've never had legit snow clothes and have therefore never enjoyed playing in the snow.
But now  I have a pretty pair for when the temperatures drop.
I'm probably a little more excited about this than I should be...

Anyway, also found a couple books that might be fun to pass the time with.   
We'll see.
Two new wallets.
I know, I know. 
But one is perfect for my checkbook and the things I need while the other is from Fossil.
And, well, I really like Fossil.
I think my favorite little find was this date stamp.
Isn't it cute?
And do you see the date?
I can just imagine the receptionist that used this every day.
She probably had really cute glasses and always had her nails painted.
I bet you anything.

Have you found anything special this yard sale/thrifting season?
I should show you my other summer finds...
Let me round them up and I'll do that soon!!


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