Friday, July 29

When your day's plans don't go as...planned

Just eat some gold fish crackers and everything will be fine!

Yesterday was a little nuts, there's no other way to put it.
I guess everything got done that needed to get done.
It just took 16 times as long to do it and all in a different order than anticipated.
But all ended well and I secretly gave myself a pat on the back for being so flexible.
Well, I guess now the secret's out.

While I like to consider myself to be a spontaneous kind of gal, I sometimes get a little stuck in my schedule.
You know, the one I write for myself in the mornings that include an hour by hour (okay let's be honest, some slots are down to the 15 minutes) timeline.
Is it still spontaneous if there's 'spontaneous time' on my calendar?

Anyways, it's something I'm working on - being more flexible with my agenda according to other people's needs - and yesterday I felt a lot of grace to be just that.
And when I finally made it home, it felt good to relax and munch a few goldfish crackers on the couch before heading out again.

How are you guys spontaneous?
Do you ever get stuck in your own agenda?

I'm off to play with hubby and brother today.
I'll take my camera just in case.
Happy Friday, friends!!


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