Monday, August 1

Hello, August!

This first day of August has come and almost gone already!
It's been a really great day if you ask me.
What about for you guys?

This morning I left our house at 815 for the first day of my internship!
I was so nervous, like the first day of school.
Last night I tried to go to bed early but I was so excited, I don't know when I finally fell asleep.
Then I woke up a half an hour before my alarm!!

We were fed croissants, fruit, and coffee for breakfast,
QDoba catered lunch,
And donuts for an afternoon snack!
Along with food, we were taught a lot of great things and encouraged about the next 14 months.
I know it's not going to be easy but nothing worth wild ever is, right?

I'm so excited about this next season in our lives.
Even though Camillo can't join me, I'm praying that the work Jesus does in my heart will be obvious to him and encourage him to want more of Jesus, too. 
Aaaw, I'm so happy!

Have you guys ever committed to something for a long period of time?
Besides, you know, a job or marriage.
I've done an apprenticeship in a salon before, but that was only 6 months.
14 months sure sounds like a long time but in the scheme of things, it's barely a breath.

I'll be sure to keep you guys posted every now and then!!


  1. Where are you interning? And did you take that pic of the clovers? I LOVE it! It's something that would look lovely in my bedroom :)

  2. I'm interning at our church! And yes, ma'am I took that photo! It's even one I'm saving to someday sell as a print!! ;)


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