Tuesday, August 2

Husky Pride

Nope, not UW..
We found Husky Deli the other day and, boy, what a treat!!
Their ice cream was delicious  and made right there in the family store!
Here's a little video as to how they make it...mmmMM!
They can even create custom flavors!!!

Out of the 20+ flavors, all three of us some how ended up choosing oreo cookie.
Can I please elaborate how tasty it was?!!?
As you can see, it was so good, the boys didn't even care that I was 
taking a hundred pictures of them.
Do you guys have a favorite summer-treat-go-to?
I think this might be our new spot.

We also tried out an Indian restaurant, Wingdome, and Dubliner's while Isaac was here.
It's fun to explore new things when company is in town but geez, 
I'm not going to be able to eat for a week!
There are some more photos + reviews of those places coming up in the next few days so keep an eye out.

In other news, today was Day 2 of my intern boot camp.
My brain is full of a lot and I'm doing my best to sort it all out.
I'm glad I took decent notes!
Tomorrow we don't start until 10am (instead of 830am).
Is it weird that I'm excited about the extra time not because I could sleep in but because I'll get to work out? 
Hi, my name is Joy and I'm addicted to the gym...


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