Tuesday, July 19

Do These Glasses Make My Teeth Look Big?

I know what you're thinking..
'No, they don't make your teeth look big, but your nose is humungous!'
Well, that's what I'm thinking so it's okay to laugh.
Contrary to popular belief, these are not my Grandpa's glasses.
They are my brother's.
And I think...well, okay they're growing on me.

I am taking a break from editing to just write you guys a little note.
I love getting lots of things checked off my To-Do list and that's what I've done today!
After a weekend away, I'm glad to be getting back on track!

Remember how I said I've got exciting news for you today?
Well, I've officially posted my first photography post on the new blog over here!
I feel really great about it and I hope you like it.
Well, go on...go check it out! 

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer!
What's the weather like where you are?
Ours is totally back and forth.
Sunny one day then rainy the next.
I don't mind though.
Must be why I live in the PNW...


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