Wednesday, July 20

Biscuit and Gravy. And Fried Chicken?

You know that thing we have about breakfast dates? 
Well, last week was a great week for those!
We tried Dahlia Workshop and were delightfully surprised.
The menu was small and at first I was a little apprehensive about that.
I ordered the biscuits and gravy with a fried egg and camillo got The Zach - fried chicken, egg, bacon, and gravy over a biscuit.
Fried chicken?
It was delicious!
My food was really great, too - totally hit the spot.
After breakfast we slowly sipped the rest of our coffee and let everything settle.
The nice lady behind the counter offered us a coconut cream puff, freshly made.
Why, thank you!
It was perfectly light and flaky, not too sweet - just right!
I'm glad we stumbled across this little place!
If you're ever in the mood for a tasty plate of biscuits and gravy, or feeling adventurous and want to try fried chicken for breakfast, check out Dahlia's.
You won't be disappointed!!


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