Monday, July 11

Sunny Monday

Photo from Sara

This is me.
Double checking the lighting situation of a beautiful wedding I shot Saturday.
I know, my mad posing skills have all of you jealous. 
cannot wait to show you the other shots we caught from Cody and Danielle's wedding.
Between theirs, Susan and Carl's, and Brynn and Andrew's, you guys are in for 3 sweeeet treats!!
Thanks again to Sara and Charlie for their awesomeness! 
Woah, that was a lot of linking..but click every one of 'em!



  1. I may or may not be stalking your blog :) Thank you so much for all your hard work on Saturday - you definitely put my mind at ease

    xoxo Mrs. May

  2. Hello Mrs May! You will be the first to know when I post anything! :) Spending your day with the two of you was my honor! You throw a great party, my dear!


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