Wednesday, August 10

Got My Hair Did On Craigslist

Okay, so - really quick - open up a new tab in your browser and type in
Ya there?
Now scroll down to the 'services' section and click on 'beauty'.
Okay, now come back!
And you're welcome!

I found an ad from a girl at the 7 Salon Academy who needed a model for a foil.
For. Twenty. Dollars.
Oh yeah...wait, what?!

Having worked in the industry for over 5 years and never having paid more than 20ish dollars to get the works, I haven't been willing to dish out more than that.
Enter 5 inch grow out.
Thankfully the 7 or so days I've gotten to enjoy the sun left evidence on these roots so my worn out hair do wasn't so bad but I was starting to notice :(
(I would also like to thank all of you who have somehow impacted the ombre phenomena)

Aaanyway, can you imagine my cheap self's excitement when I found this ad?!
The girl is already licensed and well into her year of extensive training at 7 Salon so I wasn't worried about not getting something good (after all, I've been there before and I was good then, too!)
Wow, so I'm rambling but what I'm really trying to tell you guys is that I got a service that starts at $115 for only twenty dollars.
Thanks to Craigslist.

And thanks to you guys for reading this far before I gave any photos.
Please excuse the creepiness of the first one but here you go:

Moral of my story: you can get good hair without chopping of your foot or selling your left lung in the black market.
So go look on Craigslist and see what you can find!
(Or, if you live close to me, call me instead: I do still hair on the side for not very much $$!
Only, like a pinky! haha, I kid I kid.)
Thanks, Allison, for a killer new color (perfect blend, no bleeding) and for helping me help you!



  1. I responded to one of those ads last October and went into the school to get a free hair cut. I had an inverted bob and I needed it cut badly... and frankly, it was the worst hair cut ever! haha. I had to go back to Amanda the next day and have her fix it, lol. But I'm glad that you got some quality highlights, I think color would probably be a little easier for newbies, right?

  2. Oh no, Sara! From experience, inverted bobs are the hardest cut to do because they're so extremely technical! I'd stick to Craigslist color ;)

  3. joy! i need you! i'll try to remember your email...

  4. Yeah, you can reach me on that email, Elise! My number is that same, too. But I guess I don't know if you ever had that..We'll talk soon!


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