Tuesday, August 9

Immediate Gratification VS. Excited Anticipation

There are two books that I really want to read.
One is The Happiness Project:

And the second is The Help:

I could have easily driven the 10 minutes to Barnes and Noble to pick up my own copies, right?
Then I'd have both books, ready and waiting for me to peel open the first page.
But somehow, ordering them online (something I never get to do) seemed more fun and exciting.
Instead of getting them quickly and easily (and being instantly satisfied), I wanted to anticipate their arrival at my doorstep.
For the next 5-7 business days.
It's fun getting packages, isn't it?
Even if I know what they are and who they're from.

Sometimes the anticipation of something good arriving is half the fun.


  1. I might just have to order myself the first book (I checked it out on Amazon)

  2. It was exactly this that made me kill the "sneak peak" on my blog after reading this article


    What do you think?

  3. For Dani: I read the first few chapters of The Happiness Project before having to give it back to the library. But even the first little bit was really encouraging! You can borrow my copy when I'm done. That is, if you can handle the anticipation! ;)

    For Sara: Good article! Totally makes sense. My thing is, I'm striving to have more than 5 best photos out of a collection of 400. Ya know what I mean? Plus, at this point, my packages only include digital images; clients can print their own photos however they'd like so I don't make any profit on that end anyways. I'm trying to rework some stuff but at this point, I'm still enjoying sneak peeks :)

  4. Totally makes sense, you've definitely got to roll with whatever works best for your business. It's been working for us and I've found that clients are happier with their photo's when they've had to wait a week or two to see them (just talking about portraits here).


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