Monday, August 8

Wings and pickle chips?

Yes, please! 
We spent a lunch hour at Wingdome and the boys were in heaven. 
I ate a tasty salad with grilled chicken.
It was pretty good but I forgot to get the dressing on the side and it was a little mushy by the end.
Notice the TVs everywhere?
Different sports channel on each one!
If you've never had pickle chips, I'll tell ya they're a good (very occasional) splurge.
And then there were the wings.
Medium spicy, really spicy, and some sort of cheesy...
I didn't try them but Isaac and Camillo enjoyed them.
All the way down to the bones!
Overall it was a fun place for lunch, and I'm sure Camillo will want to go again.
Next time I think I'll try a burger!

Have you guys tried any new food joints this summer?
We're trying to be a little more adventurous and eat new food.
There are always those few places that you crave though, right?


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