Wednesday, August 31

I'm not necessarily a bug person...

But I thought this was pretty freakin' cute.
Josiah's tiny pet cricket, Jiminy!
Little brothers are great, huh?

On another note, yesterday was one of the best days in a long time!
Let me break it down for ya...
630 Rolled myself out of bed
7-8 Met Merina for Spin Class and got my bum kicked!
8-9 Shower, dressed and breakfast smoothie
9-10 Morning devotions with Camillo
10-11 To the social security office to make my name change official (three years later?!)
11-230 At Starbucks with my computer and photos
230-330 Paper Source with Lanissa brainstorming baby shower ideas!!
330-545 With Mandy for a long overdue visit and foil retouch (wait, her foil wasn't long overdue - just our visit!)
545-630 Stuck in traffic over I-90
615 Got home to rush Camillo out the door to get to Stephanie's surprise engagement party before 7!!
7-8 Engagement Party Yahooo!!
8-9 Wind down with pop corn and a show.
Then we went to bed early!

Oh, it was a good day!
Now, I'm wobbling through the house, sore from yesterday's class, and tying up the loose ends for Cody and Danielle's wedding shoot!

What are you guys doing today?

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