Friday, August 26

Summer Drinks

When the sun comes out bright and strong by 7:00am, I can pretty much assume it's gonna be a warm day.
The warm weather calls for a cool drink and I've found one that I quite like! 

All you need is your coffee maker, the extras you like, and an ice tray...

Brew a pot of coffee and then let it sit for a 
bit to cool down.
Once it's not so hot, carefully fill a clean ice tray and put it into the freezer.
Pour the extra coffee into a pitcher and leave it in the fridge until your cubes have frozen...
My ice tray is from Ikea and I just love it!
*Fun fact: For our wedding we pureed raspberries and froze them into little heart shapes as the ice in our lemonade!!
I think about that every time I use these trays :]

Once everything is frozen, pour your coffee and add what you like.
If you've read for a while, you know I need nonfat milk and some 
hazelnut creamer in my cup of joe!
Pop out some of your cute hearts and viola...
A sweet iced coffee that's fun to drink and won't get watered down!

Do you have a favorite cold coffee drink for hot days?

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