Thursday, August 25

Camillo At The Dentist

Camillo: Hey, Babe? Do you think it'd be okay for me to take two vicodin?
Me: Well, it might make you really sleepy. Or high.
Camillo: It's just that my tooth hurts really bad.
Me: Okay, I think it's fine. Just be careful.
Me: Babe?
Camillo: Zzzz...

I guess he called to check after he'd taken the extra one.
Tuesday night his tooth started throbbing.
Poor guy was in so much pain!
No thanks to the emergency dentist clinic that A] closes a half hour earlier than stated and B] 'doesn't have a doctor in until Friday'.
Oooh, okay.
Thankfully he got in to an office the next afternoon.
He had a nasty (and infected!) cavity that needs a root canal.
It may or may not be the first time he's been prescribed vicodin.
Wish us luck.


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