Wednesday, August 24

Sunday was Camillo's birthday and I decided that, even though we were celebrating at home, it was a special enough day to get dressed up for.
So when I went birthday shopping for him  I found this cute little dress for me.
(don't worry, I did make it home with a couple things for him, too)

Dress: H&M $30
Sandals: Payless (3 summers ago) probably about $12
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Estate Sale $2 (all time favorite piece of jewelry starting now)

I probably haven't spent $30 on any one clothing item in a long long time.
But gosh, I have a million things in my closet that would mix this outfit up.
I've declared this maxi a staple piece and when you think about it that way, $30 is a good deal.

This isn't necessarily my favorite choice of backdrop but we didn't want to take long since I didn't know how long I could keep Camillo's attention on the camera.
It usually takes 3 days of politely asking (okay, I might get a little aggressive) before he'll do it for me.
And then when he does he snaps a million shots like I'm a Kardashian and he's with TMZ.
It makes me feel like an idiot.
But this time I didn't even have to beg!
AAAND I told him I feel too silly when he take's so many, so 'maybe just take like 5 and wait for me to do a little pose'.
Oh my gosh, I feel reeeaal cheesy for admitting that.
I think he felt good and professional.

I promise his birthday wasn't all about me!
I had so many tricks up my sleeve, it was a whole weekend of celebrating!
There were lots of photos for documentation, I just have to round them up.
But soon you'll see how Camillo got down with his bad self!!
Oh, just you wait!!

Are you guys enjoying your last few weeks of summer?
What have you been doing with your weekends?


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