Wednesday, September 14

Dear Camillo,

photo by studio elise 
Can you believe it's already been three years?
I still feel like a newlywed!
I love laughing with  you, making jokes and laughing at  each other.
I think you're so handsome..even when you shave your beard and leave only a creepy little mustache.
It's been so great working as your teammate, making plans for our future together.
I love it when our eyes meet from across the room, like we can sense each other's presence.
You're the perfect date, thanks for holding my hand.
Thanks for loving Jesus and for loving me.
Gosh, you're such an amazing guy and I've loved every minute of being your wifey.
Even the hard ones when maybe we didn't like each other very much.
For better or worse and I mean it!
The next three years are gonna be even awesomer, just wait and see!
Happy Anniversary, darling.
'Til I'm 97 and you're 95..
Eu te amo.

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