Thursday, September 8

A Creature Of Habit

Do you remember this post where I explained I was having a little trouble rearranging my daily routine/weekly schedule?
Well, this week is definitely proving me to be a creature of extreme habit.
I'm getting used to waking up at 6am for work but after my shift, I feel like I don't know what to do with myself.

My habit was to get up with Camillo around 730a, head to the gym, come home, drink a protein/vitamin shake, take a shower then start on my (self-employed) To-Do list.
It's not much different now but for some reason, waking up early, working my shift, and then working out all before noon is really throwing me off.
Isn't that dumb?!

Aside from my routine confusion, I really like my new job.
It's fun and unstressful.
Nobody's bugging me about bugging people to spend more money.
I just have to be nice to everyone that comes in.
And fold towels!
It's great to be in an environment where everybody is working out and trying to be healthy.
I feel so inspired!

Today after work I got a lot done.
About a week's worth of errands.
Workout, shower, grocery shopping, lunch, laundry, intern projects, aaand..yep that's all.
It feels good because for whatever reason, Mon, Tues, and Wed left me feeling completely befuddled.
I wish I could explain it better but alas, I cannot.

Anyways, moral of my story, things will be slowing down around these blog parts.
I get a little anxious when I tell myself I have to write 5 days a week.
When I miss a day (or two or 4) something in my head says 'you don't have time to write, just give it up all together'
Which, um, is not something I want to do.
So I'll tell myself I want to write 3 times a week and then that way, when I can write 4 or 5 days, I feel great.
Get it?

Let's hear it:
What is something in your routine you guys are so used to that if it changed, things might get crazy?
Do you have to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday?
Workout in the morning instead of evening?
Drink 2 cups of coffee before you can wake up?
I'd like to hear about your day..if only to find out I'm not the only one attached to my habits :]


p.s. In all this excitement I did  finish Cody and Danielle's wedding suite and got to send them off Wednesday. Wanna see their pretty photos? Then click right here!

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