Monday, September 26

A new shirt for 99 cents

I've recently made a new hobby of goodwill shopping for 99 cent t-shirts.
Partly because they're less than a dollar but mostly because I love cutting 
them up and making them feel new.
You wanna try?
All you need is a t-shirt and a pair of scissors!
Start at about 2 inches from the shoulder seam and work your way across the neckline 
towards the other sleeve.
Be mindful of any text or design on front and back so as not to cut into them (unless you want to!)
See? A perfectly cozy T to wear to the around the house, to the gym, or even on your next
trip to goodwill!
The possibilities for these DIY shirts are endless, so have fun and experiment!
After all, if you end up with a doozy, it was only 99 cents worth!


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