Friday, September 30

On Praying In The Laundry Room

Today's weather has been perfect.
I woke up really tired and a little bummed to be having to go to work.
But walking out the door every morning to the sunrise over the water most certainly picks me up.
I like to think it's God's "Good morning!" just for me.
After work, the weather had changed and I got to drive home in the windy rain.
The best weather for a nap, am I right?!
Thanks, Jesus.
It's been a month since my new job and so much has already changed!
I'm still very thankful for it but there have been a couple days, like today, that I wonder what I've gotten myself into.
Turns out, I wasn't hired for the position I thought I was.
How does that even happen?
Not saying I'm too good to wash/dry/fold 6,940 towels every morning but it feels like I'm a little misplaced.
Considering the other new girl is loud and obnoxious and has a mouth like a sailor.
Am I the only one uncomfortable with this picture?
No, the 12 people that are trying to check in for a workout are probably a little uncomfortable with the F bomb, too.

It's okay, I've found the solution.
The laundry room is a great place to pray.
I've been trying to be more intentional about praying.
It helps a lot and today was no exception.

Thanks for listening.
Venting won't be a very common occurrence, promise.

I'm so happy for the weekend!
Do you guys have any plans?


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