Monday, October 3

First day of Autumn Soup and Sandwich

I love the days that are perfect for hot soup and sandwich and the first day of October called for just that!
Usually I think tomato soup is a little bland so I added a few things to this batch and we thought it was delicious!!
I added some left over mashed potatoes to a can of soup, then topped with corn.
Add a grilled cheese sandwich and viola! - the perfect lunch for a cold afternoon!
After we ate lunch Saturday, we snuggled up with some cozy blankets on the couch and watched a couple (or 7) episodes of Friends.
It was so great and relaxing to just be home doing nothing.
Plus, there's something about Friends on an autumn afternoon that takes me back to our dating days.
We've watched the entire series almost four times now which must mean it's a yearly tradition, right?

What are some of your end of summer traditions?

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