Thursday, September 15

There's just something about dahlias that make me so so so happy hearted.
These ones are out of my mama's garden - can you believe it?
Someday I'll have a garden of my own full of dahlias.
Isn't it so fun that each breed is so different?!
For me, dahlias are a reminder of our wedding day (we had buckets and buckets worth for our centerpieces!), a warm summer's end, and the beginning of autumn.

Camillo has a couple days off and we're going on a mini road trip!
I'm so excited but guess what?
I don't even know where we're going!
It's gonna be such a fun adventure.
I can't wait to get outta dodge and spend a couple days with just Camillo.
No blogging, editing, cleaning, cooking, or working.
Just him.

We're leaving tonight so I won't be back until Tuesday!
When I get back, I'll have lots photos...
See you then!!

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