Wednesday, September 21

We Hit The Road

Yahoo! Hubby and I packed up the car and headed towards Mount Hood.
It was the best idea ever (nice one, babe!) because it was far enough away to be exciting but close enough to skip the plane tickets and enjoy a nice long drive.
Oh man, my heart's happy remembering our sing-a-longs, good talks, and funny jokes.
Here's a couple (a lot) of photos from the road.
Man, we kinda suck at taking pictures of ourselves together but I got lotsa pretty scenery/weather photos with Cam's iPhone.
Three and a half day trips with your favorite guy are great on the heart and soul.
We got home feeling refreshed, rested, and reconnected.
I loved being out of the city and just slow down in nature.

Have you guys been on any quick trips that helped you refocus and recharge?
I'd love to hear about it!


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